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First Massive Friends Cut

You guys are probably wondering why I did a massive friends cut.

Well, I just sort of thought back to those times when I wrote such sucky fics and even had the nerve to f-lock everything so that people who wanted to read them had no choice but to add me.

And I said to myself, "yssa what r u on." and decided to redeem myself by defriending those who were forced to add me just to read my fics. they're not even good omg ;___;

But still, I thank all those who actually added me, even if they only wanted to read my fics. <3

For now, I'm just going to slowly lock my posts, as in like lock them away for good. I'm pretty much embarrassed by most of it anyway. And I don't write any fics anymore (fics for the AI fandom, that is).

But for those who I defriended, if you still want to be friends again, I'll happily oblige. :) No hard feelings, okay? You can add me again, and I will surely add back!